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Full Benefits

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IMPORTANT: Hapipod is a matching site to introduce potential Hosts and Homemates. All members have passed a robust ID verification, money laundering and negative media check. We also give comprehensive guidelines on setting up a homeshare – see Safeguarding. These measures help maximise the likelihood of successful arrangements, but it is up to each member to undertake the further recommended background and personality checks, agree reasonable fees and activities and ultimately get along. Hapipod does not monitor homeshares once organised and cannot be liable for their outcomes.

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To view full profiles and use smart search filters you must first pass a robust ID Verification and Background Check for a one-off fee of £20. See safeguarding recommendations for full details.

3. Subscribe to Connect

To connect with other users, choose a subscription payment starting from £45 for 1 month. See Pricing. Only ID verified users can subscribe.

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Your Questions

You will be offered the chance to check their profile and decide whether to subscribe and reply to them.

No, we would ask that you do not do this using Hapipod and we reserve the right to ban people who attempt to do so. The whole aim of this site is to create affordable accommodation for one group of people whilst allowing another to benefit from both help/company plus a little income. The opportunity to exchange help for lower fees is at the core of this, so diluting that opportunity goes against our whole ethos. You can use regular letting sites if you simply want to maximise your income on a spare room.

Under the Government’s ‘Rent A Room’ scheme you can earn up to £7,500 per year from having a lodger in your spare room before being taxed. With Hapipod Homeshare you can only make a maximum of £4,200 so should not need to declare it.

No. Tenancy deposit schemes are only applied to Assured Shorthold Tenancies. A homeshare like this comes under a lodging agreement. However, Hapipod recommends Hosts give Homemates details of which bank account the deposit has been placed in, which ideally should be the same account the fee is paid to.

Homemates are responsible for buying their own food, and should only expect to share meals if expressly invited to do so by the Host. This may, however, be a pre-agreed activity. We would advise all fine details such as shared meals to be specified in the contract before signing.

No. There is no obligation to stay in during the evenings unless you have pre-agreed in your contract to cook or share a meal or attend an event on a specific or regular basis.

Only if it is pre-agreed with your Host on any given occasion. If they are happy about it then it’s not a problem, if not, you would be in breach of your contract.

Hapipod recommends contracts are no less than 6 months from a convenience perspective, and no longer than 1 year from a safeguarding perspective, but it is up to the parties to agree the details.

Payment must be transferred directly between Hosts and Homemates. This includes the deposit and upfront payments. This is the responsibility of the individual parties. Hapipod has no management involvement in this beyond the introduction of Hosts and Homemates to each other. Failure to pay is breach of contract and can result in termination of the agreement and the Homemate being asked to leave.

It is free to register and see which homesharers are available in your area. Hapipod charges a one-off £20 fee to pass the ID verification and background check which allows full access to the smart searches and profile descriptions. Then to connect with someone of interest there is a subscription fee. These range from £45 for 1 month, decreasing substantially for longer durations- see ‘subscriptions summary’ above for full details. They are not rolling so you needn’t worry about terminating them. We do not charge any commission or ongoing management fees, unlike regular rental or homeshare agencies.

A homemate can be any nationality, but since 2016 the law has required homeowners to check that any lodgers are legally allowed to live and work in the UK. See the Government's Guidelines for more details.

If you have more than one lodger or Homemate in your home you may have to apply for a licence to run an HMO – House in Multiple Occupation license - see the Government’s HMO Page. See section 10 of the Safeguarding page for full details.

If either a Host or a Homemate wants to end a homeshare early they must give reasonable notice to terminate. The suggested notice in Hapipod’s template Homeshare contract is one week which is the minimum period that can be given. Hapipod recommends notice is always given in writing, and it is often helpful to get someone help you to prepare and give the notice.

If you’re a tenant or your home is mortgaged you should tell your landlord or lender, respectively, if you wish to take in a lodger and get their consent. If you have a spare room in a property you own or rent and are receiving state benefits, you should check if being a Host will affect the amount of your benefits payments.