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Full Benefits

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Important: Hapipod is a meeting forum only. Hapipod does not monitor safeguarding before or during the course of individual contracts, or payments between parties, and is not liable in any way for outcomes of matches or otherwise in relation to the Hapipod services.
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3 Key Stages to Using Hapipod

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2. ID/Background Verification

To view profiles in full you must first pass a robust ID Verification and Background Check for a one-off fee of £20. See safeguarding recommendations for full details.

3. Subscribe to Connect

To connect with other users, choose a subscription payment starting from £45 for 1 month. See Pricing. Only ID verified users can subscribe.

Our safeguarding measures and recommendations should give you some peace of mind, and help you make more informed and responsible choices in selecting a homesharer. At the most basic safeguarding level, anyone using Hapipod should have a family member or friend to assist in the unlikely event that things don’t work out.

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Subscriptions Summary


1 month £45


3 months £75


1 year £120

Packages Include

See Pricing for full details of package offers, and the costs involved in the living arrangement between Hosts and Homemates.

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Your Questions

Homemates are responsible for buying their own food, and should only expect to share meals if expressly invited to do so by the Host. This may, however, be a pre-agreed activity. We would advise all fine details such as shared meals to be specified in the contract before signing.

No. There is no obligation to stay in during the evenings unless you have pre-agreed in your contract to cook or share a meal or attend an event on a specific or regular basis.

Only if it is pre-agreed with your Host on any given occasion. If they are happy about it then it’s not a problem, if not, you would be in breach of your contract.

You will be offered the chance to check their profile and decide whether to subscribe and reply to them.

The contract is designed to make it easier for you tailor the specific activities or company elements that you agree with your homesharer. All figures are suggested but not set in stone. However, if a Host tries to charge more than the suggested £350/mth maximum expense contribution, we ask that you report it to us at support@hapipod.com , as this is a site focused on maximising quality of life and saving rather than making money. We would always recommend you seek your own legal advice on any contract.

Hapipod recommends contracts are no less than 6 months from a convenience perspective, and no longer than 1 year from a safeguarding perspective, but it is up to the parties to agree the details.

Monies must be transferred directly between Hosts and Homemates. This includes the deposit and upfront monthly payments. This is the responsibility of the parties, and Hapipod has no management involvement in this beyond the introduction. If a Homemate doesn’t pay at any stage, it constitutes a breach of contract and can lead to its immediate termination.

Hapipod charges a one-off £20 joining fee to pass the ID verification and background check which allows full access to the advanced search capability and profile descriptions. There is then only a subscription fee to connect with others. These range from £45 for 1 month, decreasing substantially for longer durations. They are not rolling so you needn’t worry about terminating them. Since Hapipod does not control the matches, manage or monitor individual contracts or handle of monies between parties, we do not charge any commission or ongoing management fees, unlike regular rental or homeshare agencies.