Hapipod’s World of Opportunity…

There are some 18.6 million spare rooms in the UK, whilst millions of people cannot afford market rents. By exchanging spare rooms at low cost for all sorts of useful help or company, homeowners can gain many lifestyle benefits, while room-seekers can find great, affordable accommodation.

This contemporary living solution works for a spectrum of homeowners from people living alone to families, and others in many different life situations needing a room. It’s limited only by how the right people find each other. That’s where Hapipod comes in.

Hapipod is the first online matching site where people of all ages and circumstances can meet to exchange time or help for affordable rooms.

To Make Home Life Happier

Our mission is to bring people together to create mutual benefit and enhance their home lives.

Hapipod enables ‘Hosts’ wanting specific help or company to connect with ‘Homemates’ with relevant attributes or help to offer. Our smart search capability enables both to find like-minded homesharers by personality, shared background, or interests, making it more likely to work out well.

Hosts thus get income plus tailored lifestyle solutions, whilst Homemates gain independence and a wider choice of where to live. It can work just as well for homesharers of similar ages, or across the generations, as traditional age gaps have diminished with healthier ageing.

To Create Nationwide Accessibility

Our goal is to make this service accessible to everyone who could benefit, everywhere.

To this end we’ve made our site affordable and based it on a responsible safeguarding ethic where subscribers must pass a robust ID verification and background check powered by our partner Yoti. Our safeguarding guidelines also help users make more informed, responsible choices. We don’t take commission or charge management fees. We only charge a one-off £20 fee for the ID check and a subscription to connect starting at £45 for 1 month. See Pricing for full details.

Join Hapipod to find yourself an ideal homeshare companion, and please write to us to share your Hapipod experiences at support@hapipod.com

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