Respect the Aims of the Site

This is a matching site for intergenerational Hosts and Homemates to find compatible living partners. It is not a dating site and must not be treated as such. Refrain from asking any inappropriate questions beyond what would be expected in interviews for homesharers.

Be Civil and Courteous

Everyone on the site is here to try and find someone compatible to live with to enhance their lives and benefit others. Treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

No Hate Speech or Bullying

No-one wants to be demeaned or be made to feel bad. Please refrain from insulting anyone's personal traits or preferences, even if they are very different from yours, or from making libellous or threatening comments. This will not be tolerated.

Respect Everyone's Privacy

Trust is all important. People want to express themselves freely, and open debate particularly in the community groups is encouraged. But everyone should feel confident that nothing will be shared beyond the internal messaging system or private community groups.

No Coercive Behaviour

If someone does not wish to reveal more of their personal details, or supply their contact details outside of the site, refrain from trying to persuade them.

No Seeking Help

Do not use this site to solicit financial or other assistance of any kind beyond the specifications of the living arrangement, as detailed on the Benefits page.

No spam or promotions

This is not a space for self-promotion, and irrelevant links are not allowed.