Improve Your Circumstances

You have a spare room you can make use of and would appreciate both an income and some useful help or good company. With Hapipod you can find compatible homesharers willing to offer a fee plus some of their time in exchange for affordable living. The help can be with anything from light housework, child-sitting, IT, shopping, cooking or gardening to pet and home-sitting while you travel. It may simply be an interesting person to have occasional chats with, share your interests with or just to give you a greater sense of security overnight. We have Homemates of all ages joining the Hapipod community so you may find someone from a different generation, or of a similar age. Homemates must be over 18.

The Living Arrangement

Homemates give you up to 8 hours a week of their company or time for pre-agreed activities in exchange for a room at a mutually agreed price somewhere between £58-£81 per week to include most bills (£250-£350 per month). It is up to homesharers to agree whether expenses such as WiFi, if not already set up, are included or paid in addition*. Homesharers should agree a reasonable schedule of activities, bearing in mind a paying Homemate needs both work or study and leisure time of their own. These should not include heavy housework or caregiving. If you’re providing a good-sized room, much of your private space can remain your own, Homemates don’t have to have access to your living room unless pre-agreed.

* During the energy crisis, you may wish to ask for a small contribution to energy bills. This is up to homemates to agree as an extra.

Find Your Ideal Homemate

The key to successful homesharing is compatibility and Hapipod’s smart search can help match people by personality, shared background, and interests. Perhaps you’d like someone who's good with kids to help with child-minding, or a younger person who shares your career or your love of fitness, or to find company in someone of a similar age or faith. Or maybe you’d simply like to help a nurse live close to their hospital. You just need to find that ideal fit. To help give you confidence in the identity and background of the Homemates everyone you connect with has passed a robust ID verification and background check. You can also see who is Covid vaccinated or has a DBS certificate (criminal record check) that you can verify. Our safeguarding guidelines explain how to do your own necessary background checks. Register for free to browse the Homemates in your area.