Finding an ideal Homemate couldn’t be easier with our national database. All you have to do is follow these 5 easy steps.

1. Register & Create Profile

  • Ensure your premises are suitable for a Homemate - see section 10 of Safeguarding
  • Fill out registration page and profile
  • Search potential Homemates available in your area

2. ID & Background Checks

  • Pass ID verification check to unlock smart search and view full profiles. Cost is £20. (Verification appears on menu bar once you register). See Safeguarding for full details.
  • A ‘pass’ is a green ID icon on your profile, grey is for ‘still pending’. For your security you can only connect with Homemates who’ve passed.

3. Shortlist & Connect

  • Search by personality, shared interests, if someone has a DBS certificate or is Covid vaccinated etc. Create shortlist (stored under your ‘Profile’.)
  • Purchase a connection package to be able to message and reply to others. There are 3 options starting from £45 for 1 month. See Pricing for full details.

4. Interview, Decide & Sign a Contract

  • Make further background checks including DBS Certificates, legal residency, and references. See Safeguarding for full guidelines.
  • Organise an online interview, and follow up with interview in person.
  • Agree a fee of between £58-£81 per week (£250-£350 per month).
  • Agree the activity details of the homeshare.
  • Use our free contract template to help tailor it.

5. Make Admin Changes

  • Carry out any necessary health and safety checks.
  • Amend your Council Tax to include your Homemate.
  • Notify your home insurer that you are taking in a lodger.

See section 10 in Safeguarding for full checklist.