It is entirely free for registered users to create and post a profile, search the database and view other members' basic profiles. You don’t need to spend a thing unless you see someone of interest, or someone contacts you and you want to respond.

ID Verification & Background Check to Fully Participate

If you do see someone of interest and want to know more about them, you must first take an ID verification and background check at a one-off fee of £20 (non-refundable). This gives all users a level of confidence in knowing that members are who they say they are. Once passed, this allows you to participate fully by viewing complete profiles, using advanced search tools and being able to purchase a subscription package to connect with someone. Returning subscribers will not need to undergo a repeat check within 2 years providing they have not cancelled their account during this time.

Subscribe to Connect

To contact or reply to anyone, you must select one of the three Subscription options listed in full below.

Subscriptions are one-off rather than rolling, so you needn’t worry about terminating them. Full payment must be made up front. Having paid the subscription, if you do not access the site within 14 days, then you can contact us for a refund. After that you can unsubscribe at any time, but the payment is non-refundable.

Subscription Packages


1 month £45


3 months £75


1 year £120

Packages Include

* available to Silver and Gold members only

** available to Gold members only


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